Famous Jazz Tenor-Saxophone Players (Знаменити тенор саксофонисти в джаза)

Famous Jazz Tenor-Saxophone Players (Знаменити тенор саксофонисти в джаза)
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Famous Jazz Tenor-Saxophone Players / Знаменити тенор саксофонисти в джаза / Знаменитые джазовые тенор саксофонисты

Альбом: 1 пласт.
Запись: г.
Тип записи: стерео
Оборотов в мин.: 33
Состояние (диск/конверт): очень хорошее / очень хорошее 
Производство: Болгария
Фирма: Балкантон

Side 1
Sonny Rollins. THE BRIDGE Sonny Rollins
Lester Young. I'VE FOUND A NEW BABY Williams
Zoot Sims. I GOT RHYTHM G. Gershwin

Side 2
Stan Getz. IN YOUR OWN SWEET WAY Brubeck
John Coltrane. BESSIE'S BLUES Coltrane
Joe Farrel. GEO BLUE Joe Farrell

It has been over a century now since the Belgian master Adolf Sax had invented the saxophone. Hardly could however master Sax have presumed that a hundred years after him the instrument he invented will have gained such popularity, moreover in such a genre of music quite different from the one the instrument had been intended for. With the passing of time and through the various different concepts of all the styles and periods undergone, the sound of the saxophone has changed so much that today the old master could hardly tell his offspring in the hands of the present day saxophone players.
The saxophone family is quite a large one, but lately it is mainly four of its members that are being usually used — the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. Each one of them has its own specific tone colour, its own advantages and meats, as well as problems all of its own, and yet it seems the member of the family that is doing best is definitely the tenor-saxophone. Most probably due to its domineering sound, smooth and powerful, and may be because of the comparatively more favourable colour tone and articulation as compared to the rest of saxophones.
Whatever the cause for the success and popularity of the tenor-saxophone, it is obvious that in contemporary music it is being used much more frequently than the rest of members of the saxophone family, in Jazz as well as in Pop Music. So the elite circle of the tenor-saxophone players is much wider naturally, than those of the others.
As to the six tenor-saxophones presented here, their names are well known to jazz fans the world over.
The presence of the 'President' of tenor-saxophone players Lester Young anJ of his followers in the style of Cool the 'brothers' Stan Qetz and Zoot Sims, of the colossi John Coltrane (his followers being believed to be far exceeding any others by sheer numbers) and Sonny Rollins who is persueing a road all of his own, as well as the representatives of the contemporary Jazz-Rock school of tenors — Joe Farrell, they are all adding to the guaranteed top quality of music you are going to hear. By the way, we should probably not forget to give his due to A. Sax, too. for- without his invention such records could not have ever been in existance.
I. Geогgiev

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