Ununenud Meloodiaid II. (Забытые мелодии II. Записи 20-х - 30-х гг.)

Ununenud Meloodiaid II. (Забытые мелодии II. Записи 20-х - 30-х гг.)
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Ununenud Meloodiaid II. (Забытые мелодии II. Записи 20-х - 30-х гг.)

Альбом: 1 пласт.
Размер: 12" (гигант)
Запись: 1920-1930 гг.
Тип записи: моно
Оборотов в мин.: 33
Состояние (диск/конверт): хорошее/очень хорошее
Производство: Россия
Фирма: Мелодия

1. Rustic waltz (arrangement by V, Compe)
2. Play, Gipsy! (K. Vacek)
3. Crack, Michael! (Tirolean folk-song, arrangement by P. Tammeveski)
4. A song from the operetta "Clivia" (N. Dostal)
5. And if You Think This Song Is Fine
6. Cotter Ants
7. Mulgimaa
8. Soldier's Fidelity (E. Karfeldt, text by S. Lipp)
9. Liina, Come
10. The Story of the River Emajogi
11. Native House (F. Muhlhausen)
12. The Rich and the Poor Man
13. The Merry Brewer (Wigo-Gabriel, text by J. Pori)
14. Estonian Polka (arrangement by V. Compe)
Artur Rinne (2, 3, 9, 10) Milvi Laid (4) Alexander Arder (5, 6) Friedrich Kaasik (7) Ants Eskola (8, 13) Aarne Viisimaa (11) Agu Luudik (12) The Murphy Band (1, 14)
Sound renovation by H. Pedusaar Sound engineer: V. Pilvisto

This record is in fact a sequel to the record of evergreen issued a few years ago. The performers are mainly the same ones, the most popular soloists of the "Estonia" theatre: M. Laid, A. Arder, A. Viisimaa, A. Rinne, and A. Eskola, supplemented here by A. Luudik, one of the most brilliant operetta artists of the past times. The record revives, next to John Pori's band, the first Estonian jazz orchestra called "The Murphy Band" that became a professional ensemble in 1925, after having played dance music occasionally for a couple of years.
The melodies recorded are mostly popular songs. In spite of their old age, they are still remembered and sung in our days as well. Of course, the naive words of some of them make us smile, but we have to make concessions since these songs represent the childhood of light music. In any case, the melodies will revive, for lots of people, the memories of those bygone years when the polka and waltz were the most popular dances, and the foxtrot was a novelty.
V. Ojakaar

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  • Бренд: Мелодия