Italian Hit Parade 83 (Италиански хит-парад 83)

Italian Hit Parade 83 (Италиански хит-парад 83)
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Italian Hit Parade 83 / Италиански хит-парад 83 / Итальянский хит-парад 83

Альбом: 1 пласт.
Запись: г.
Тип записи: стерео
Оборотов в мин.: 33
Состояние: очень хорошее
Производство: Болгария
Фирма: Балкантон

A1 –Ricchi E Poveri Piccolo Amore
A2 –Umberto Tozzi Nell'Aria C'È
A3 –Alberto Camerini Computer Capriccio
A4 –Nada (8) Amore Disperato
A5 –Dario Baldan Bembo Amico È
A6 –Raffaella Carrà Ballo, Ballo
B1 –Adriano Celentano Solo
B2 –Righeira Vamos A La Playa
B3 –Christian (106) Abbracciami Amore Mio
B4 –Matia Bazar Vacanze Romane
B5 –Toto Cotugno* L'Italiano
B6 –Pippo Franco Chi, Chi, Chi, Co, Co, Co

RICCHI E POVERI (Rich and Poor) is a group well known in Bulgaria and elsewhere. It has appeared with great success in a number of TV shows, concerts and festivals including "San Remo", "Eurovision", "The Golden Orpheus", etc.
Many of the group's songs became world-famous hits — "Che sara", "Perche ti amo", "Made in Italy", "Piccolo amore".
UMBERTO TOZZI is popular as both an author and performer of his own songs not only in Italy but also in America and Europe. His songs "Gloria", "Notte rosa", "Nell 'aria сё" are well known in Bulgaria.
RAFAELLA CARRA is an excellent singer and dancer who has regularly appeared in TV shows for more than ten years now. Her songs are lively and easy to remember. We often hear over the radio her hits "Soli, soli", "Pedro", "Domani", "Ballo, ballo", etc.
MATIA BAZAR is one of the most popular groups in Italy. Its soloist — Antonella Ruggeri is a singer of unlimited vocal capacity.
In 1978 the group won the San Remo Festival with the song "E dirsi ciao". In 1979 they got the "De Curtis" award in Naples and later they were awarded the "Princess Sharlotta" in Reggio Emilia for their becoming the most favourite group in Italy and the most admired abroad. The group has toured with great success in Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada and South America. The group has sung in Bulgaria at the Golden Orpheus '81 Festival and during a short tour in the country.
ADRIANO CELENTANO is probably the singer who does not need presentation, it is enough to say that he has been No. 1 singer for twenty-five years now. He was born on January 18, 1940 in one of the suburbs of Milano. In 1959 he won the festive! In Ancona with the song "II tuo bacio ё come un rock". At San Remo '61 he was awarded second prize for the song "24 mille baci". He has taken part in a number of musical and feature films.
TOTO COTUGNO is a name known until recently as an author of the songs performed by Adriano Celentano. As an author he has sold 30 million records and as singer -- one million. He made his debut as a performer of his own songs at San Remo '80 winning first prize with the song "Solo noi". At the festival San Remo '83 he presented his song "L'italiano". Though not included in the three awarded songs, it became the most widely sold record for the year. Most of his songs have become popular thanks to Adriano Celentano, Dalida, Joe Dassin, Erve Villard and Ornella Vanoni.
PIPPO FRANCO is a comic actor who often appears on the stage of San Remo. The songs he performs are rhythmical and with amusing texts.
DARIO BALDAN BEMBO is an author-performer with a markedly melodious style. The song "Amico ё" recor ded in the open air and not in a studio is from his latest album "II sapore della terra".
RIGHEIRA — a duet of the brothers Michel and Johnson Righeira. Their song "Vamos a la playa" was a hit of the summer of 1983.
CHRISTIAN made a name as performer of slow and melodious songs with his beautiful voice. His appearances at San Remo have always been a success.
NADA made her debut at San Remo in 1974 with "Pa'dillo a mama".'After a long absence from the stage Nada returned to success with "Amore disperato".

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