Rachel Eckroth - The Garden

Rachel Eckroth - The Garden
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Rachel Eckroth - The Garden

Альбом: 1 пластинка.
Размер: 12" (гигант)
Запись: гг.
Тип записи: стерео
Оборотов в мин.: 33
Состояние (диск/конверт): новая запечатанная пластинка
Производство: EEC
Фирма: Rainy Days Records
Баркод: 0785939471298

1. Dracaena 04:19
2. Under a Fig Tree 06:17
3. Low Hanging Fruit 04:43
4. Dried Up Roots 07:12
5. The Garden 05:16
6. Black Eyed Susan 04:08
7. Vines 05:03
8. Oil 06:10


Pianist, composer and singer Rachel Eckroth’s first release on Rainy Days Records unveils fresh sounds from her evolving artistry.
Steeped in synth orchestration, The Garden reflects a nuanced exploration of sonic impulses and inquiries alongside Eckroth’s signature layered compositions and glimmers of trance-inducing vocals.
With contributions from acclaimed guitarist Nir Felder, saxophonists Donny McCaslin and Andrew Krasilnikov and modular synth master Austin White, and a core band featuring bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Christian Euman, The Garden emerged conceptually while Eckroth was writing new music during the pandemic.
“Everything on the album has a different feel to it — different colors and textures,” says the West Coast artist. “It felt like a garden. So we just rolled with it.”

Eckroth revels in new experiences across rich, diverse musical settings.
The multifaceted artist continually refines her expression, frequently collaborating as a featured guest with creative visionaries who have included Rufus Wainwright,
St. Vincent, KT Tunstall, Donny McCaslin, Tia Fuller and Chris Botti.
But composing during the pandemic afforded Eckroth and partner Lefebvre unique opportunities to compose and perform together.
From their home in Arizona, they dug in to each other’s expressions and begandeveloping a duo sound. “Especially during Covid, we were making music pretty much every day together,” says Eckroth.
The textural-minded musicians began soundscaping across familiar territory and new domains. Almost immediately, the Prophet 6 emerged as a key element for record’s sound.
“It ends up on a lot of my live gigs,” says Eckroth.
“I’ve used it on all the tours I’ve played with other people. I’m a pianist, but the record doesn’t have a lot of piano. The Yamaha CP 70 served the ‘meat’ of some of the songs. And the Korg minilogue is an instrument I use really well for some reason; it’s very intuitive."

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  • Автор: Rachel Eckroth
  • Год выпуска: 2022
  • Артикул: 39980
  • Вес доставки: 500гр
  • Бренд: Rainy Days Records