Sasha Mashin - Happy Synapse, Part 1 / Саша Машин - Happy Synapse, Part 1

Sasha Mashin - Happy Synapse, Part 1 / Саша Машин - Happy Synapse, Part 1
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Цена: 2,370p.

Sasha Mashin - Happy Synapse, Part 1 on 180 gram solid yellow vinyl, factory sealed, incl. photo insert. 250 copies only.

Альбом: 1 пластинка. Желтый винил 180 грамм
Размер: 12" (гигант)
Запись: 2020, 2021 гг.
Тип записи: стерео
Оборотов в мин.: 33
Состояние (диск/конверт): новая запечатанная пластинка
Производство: EEC
Фирма: Rainy Days Records
Баркод: 0713239908534

1. The Hidden Voice 06:03
2. Incantation 12:55
3. Flowing 08:50
4. Inner News 08:54

This straight-ahead set from Sasha Mashin is the heart of jazz, beating strong and feverish, hitting on all’s a two-part recording; both are stellar."

— Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily

"An album as boisterous as "Happy Synapse" deserves to be heard, to be listened to loud, and, in a less panic-stricken time, to be heard in person...Sasha Mashin and his international sextet play this music with enthusiasm, with joy, and abandon –– enjoy the ride!"

— Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest

"Sasha takes over at the end of the tune, displaying his power and tenacity on trap drums. He’s more than entertaining. Sasha Mashin is impressive!"

— Dee Dee McNeal, Musical Memoirs

"...the album is faultless in its writing, stylisation, and execution."

— Damian Wilkes, UK Vibe

" The rhythm team grooves like a road crew, creating rich rivulets. Nice flexing of... more
released May 8, 2020

Josh Evans - trumpet
Rosario Giuliani - alto sax
Dmitry Mospan - tenor sax
Benito Gonzalez - piano
Makar Novikov - bass
Sasha Mashin - drums

Produced by Sasha Mashin
Executive producer - Eugene Petrushanskiy
Recorded at Cinelab Studio Moscow
Mixed at Major Studio Moscow
Recording engineers - Alexander Perfiliev, Igor Bardashev
Mixing - Alexander Perfilyev

Cover Artwork by Andrey Agiyan
Package Design by Dimitri Komedea, 271dsgn

Special thanks to Nathan Leites, Nikolay Popravko, Alexander Berenson, Pavel Bukovsky, Vladimir Kirichenko

Supported by Yamaha, D’Addario, Zildjian, Vic Firth / Sunhouse / Nevaton, JH Audio Dr.Head

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  • Автор: Sasha Mashin / Саша Машин
  • Год выпуска: 2021
  • Артикул: 39725
  • Вес доставки: 500гр
  • Бренд: Rainy Days Records